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I'm Nadia Leona Yunis - I'm an Entrepreneur, Mindologist, Researcher, Writer, Author, Speaker, Student of Knowledge and a Personal Development, Personal Peak Performance and Mindset Transformation Mentor-Coach-Consultant-Trainer.

My passion in life is helping you create instant and positive changes in all areas of your life so you can live an awesome life full of purpose with purpose.

You are created by God to live a good quality of life and i'm here to help you live it!

I'm also the worlds first Muslim female to specialise specifically and exclusively in Mindset Transformation.

I have spent the last 6 years (since 1st January 2015) experimenting on myself and learning from the top personal development gurus - so the results are first hand!

I have been on a spiritual and personal development journey - both theoretical and practical - for the last 28 years and although I had success in certain areas of my life i would still self-sabotage. I didn't realise why until i said enough is enough and i took the first step to getting real with myself.

I got real with me and realised what i was doing and what i had been doing since childhood - i had basically been self-harming.



I finally raised my awareness level and realised it was all to do with my mindset and the false stories i was telling myself and the false victim mentality i was playing out and then from that point life changed completely - praise to God!

I made myself the subject experiment and got to work on me and launched my brand 'Mindset Transformation Academy™' and launched an online 30 day challenge for my tribe - with over 150 participants it was very successful.

I got rid of my toxic mindset and now i know exactly when and why something pops up and how to deal with it!

I am now also mastering this area of personal development so i can train you too.

I'm going to show you how you too can get rid of your toxic mindset and create success in ALL areas of your life (worship, study, family, work, relationships, marriage, business, children - list goes on!) as well as train you in the spiritual and personal development topics, through my blog post articles, videos, audios, masterclasses, live classes, workshops, books, programs and courses.

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My work is primarily faith and spirituality based ( so even if we don't share the same faith you will still benefit and learn lots.

With love, duas, and light

Nadia Leona Yunis



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